Things I did in my spare time

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Technocoid v10

Windows 10 Desktop (UWP)

Technocoid was a side project of mine a couple of years ago (2002 or something like that). It was a simple VJ tool to experiment with realtime OpenGL based graphics, input (MIDI and some game controllers were supported), and UI. And of course to have a tool to do VJ gigs. I stopped developing it when I discovered Neon and later Neon v2.

Recently I found myself searching for a simple VJ tool that acted a bit like a video step sequencer, much like Neon did, but I wasn't able to find one. Well, to be honest I didn't really look as I figured it would be a nice project to get back into Windows apps and check out UWP a little bit.

Conversational Weather

Windows 10 Phone (UWP)

This is a simple, native weather app for Windows 10 Mobile, made with UWP. It uses the free Open Weather Maps API to acquire the weather data for your current location. It also uses the wonderful Dripicons icon set by Amit Jakhu for the weather conditions. Everything else is lovingly hand-crafted and available as open source on GitHub.

Note that the goal of this app was not to create a polished weather app, but to learn the basics of Windows 10 development. So assume that the code is probably not the best source of reference on how to implement things.


BlackBerry 10

Swirl is a Foursquare app for BlackBerry 10 that embraces the new changes in the Foursquare platform. In this regard it acts much like Swarm to allow you to meet your friends and check in with them - all natively for your BB10 device.

Swirl is made available for your personal use. I take great care that the application is as good as it can be, however I can't guarantee that it is bug-free and works flawlessly on every BlackBerry 10 device. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me.

Services are provided by Foursquare and I do not make any guarantees on their quality or performance. This app uses the Foursquare API but is not affiliated with or endorsed by Foursquare Labs, Inc.


BlackBerry 10 and Nokia MeeGo

Instago is an Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 and MeeGo (Nokia N9 and N950). With Instago you can browse the Instagram popular photo stream, view the individual images in detail and check out their respective users. You can also share the Instagram images via your social networks registered in your system accounts.

If you log in with your Instagram account, you can also view your personal image and news streams. You can like and comment images, follow users and search for tags and people.

Version 2.0.0 for BlackBerry 10.2 features a completely new and rewritten UI. While version 1 tried to be loyal to the original Instagram UI, the new look is optimized for the rectangular screen size of the Q-series as well as a better viewing experience.

Instago uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed by Instagram itself.