I work for Microsoft on the strategic development and acceleration of the Internet of Things and Mixed Reality. I created a card deck with tools and practices to improve your decision making process. I also contributed to a game to run Design Fiction sessions. Sometimes I post my thoughts and opinions on Medium. You can find my notebook on Obsidian Publish.

I am passionate about environments where technology and people meet. I am very comfortable dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity, turning incomplete information, visions and ideas into scenarios to understand and discuss and then into requirements and projects to deliver against. I like supporting individuals, interdisciplinary teams and organizations to be better together and help them understand the interplay of business, technology, processes and potential futures.

I do public (and virtual) speaking about technology, trends and their influence on society. If you'd like me to talk at your event please get in touch. However I will not be part of all-male, all-white panels or events. I'd be happy to recommend some awesome female or otherwise diverse speakers for your event instead of me.