I am Dirk Songür

These days I'm passionate about starting and growing teams that explore opportunities where technology and people meet. I am good at mentoring people, providing them a vision and helping them execute on it. I am very comfortable dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity, turning incomplete information, ideas or scenarios into concrete requirements and projects to deliver against. I like to support interdisciplinary teams and organizations to be better together. Operatively, I know a thing or two about building solutions for mixed reality, cognitive services, mobile platforms and cloud infrastructures.

I'm a developer by nature, coding since I'm 6 years old. Although I don't code for a living anymore, I still love algorithms, engine and pipeline architectures and a good API design makes my heart smile.

I studied Information Sciences, so I have an eye for User Experience and Information Architecture. I still adore good layouts, wireframes and process flows and I greatly enjoy well done presentations.

But most of all I love people. I am curious about technology in general and the way it impacts our society and environments. That also includes topics like psychology, anthropology and game design.

I also like good food, well designed games and this world in general. And I adore stories of quirky little tech things that somehow didn't make it into our mainstream.

What I do

You can check my CV on LinkedIn and Xing.

You can find my sideprojects on GitHub. I also write things on Medium.

Say hi on Twitter or write me a mail at dirk at songuer dot de.

I also do public speaking about technology, trends and their influence on society, for example at the Page International Exchange or at Convercon. If you'd like me to talk at your event please get in touch. However I will not be part of all-male panels or events. I'd be happy to recommend some awesome female speakers for your event instead of me.


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