Dirk Songür

Studio Head
Microsoft Mixed Reality Studios

Hi, I'm Dirk. I'm a developer by nature, coding since I'm 6 years old. I love algorithms, engine and pipeline architectures and a good API design makes my heart smile.

I studied Information Sciences, so I have an eye for User Experience and Information Architecture. I love good layout, wireframes and process flows and I greatly enjoy well done presentations.

But most of all I love people. I am curious about technology in general and the way it impacts our society and environments. That also includes topics like psychology, anthropology and game design. I'm passionate about starting and growing teams that explore opportunities where technology and people meet.

I also like good food, well designed games and this world in general. And I adore stories of quirky little tech things that somehow didn't make it into our mainstream.


Things I Do


I am developing software for random things in my spare time. I create mobile apps for obscure platforms, I'm herding multiple bots on different channels and work on spacial computing and mixed reality.


Sometimes I write articles and stories about technology, potential futures and scientific fiction on Medium.


Short form things that come to my mind or that I find around the web. Mostly about technology, gadgets, lifestyle, music and pop culture.